Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms and Food Sources

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Getting all of your daily vitamins and minerals is a lot more important than you may think right now. You need it to make sure that you are as fit as a fiddle, not to mention the fact that you need to take proper care of yourself in terms of your mental and emotional health, too. Despite what you may believe or know right now, having vitamin deficiency can impact your emotional and mental health as much as your physical health, so knowing that you have it – and dealing with it – is really important to your overall quality of life. Here are all of the things that you need to know about vitamin B12 deficiency and how to deal with it.

Vitamin B12 Supplements – Methylcobalamin Form

First of all if you want to take supplements because you live a lifestyle that is hectic and very busy, yes you can do so. Capsules, tablets or liquid form of vitamin b12 supplements will be easy to find on any major supermarket or chemist in your local area or an online store. With vitamin b12, there are few forms that are commercially manufactured. The 3 major ones are methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin. I’m going to be straigh forward here. The methylcobalamin form is the most easily absorbed form of vitamin b12 supplements that are available out there. Check out vitamin supplements discount.

A: vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms and food sources
A: vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms and food sources

Not Getting Enough B12
Firstly the thing you need to remember that as you age, your body ages. As such, you will find that it changes the way it does things as you get older. One of these examples is its absorption of vitamin B12. Your body is going to be absorbing it slower and slower as the years go on, so a lot more of it gets flushed out of your system instead of taken into your bloodstream. If you are low on vitamin B12, here are some of the symptoms that you might find are popping up:

Fatigue: yes we all feel tired all of the time, but you are going to notice a sense of fatigue that you simply can’t shake. This will be mentally, creatively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s a heavy and constant fatigue that – no matter how much coffee you drink or sleep you get – it keeps getting worse. This could be a sign that you are not getting enough vitamin B12, and your organs aren’t getting enough oxygen, meaning that your body is telling you that you’re tired and you need to slow down. You can also try a massage therapist see if it goes away.

Muscle weakness: we’re not talking about being sore after a workout, it’s the fact that you are trying to carry a pile of papers, or hoist a backpack onto your shoulder and it feels like it weighs 3 000 lbs. Every single day. If this is sounding like something that you are more than familiar with, then you should look into your vitamin levels. This prolonged and severe muscle weakness is an indication that your muscles aren’t getting the blood that they need to work properly.

Pins and needles: If you are getting tingling or sudden numbness in your hand and/or feet, it could be a sign that your nerves are getting damaged due to not enough repair going into them. This is often a strong and life-altering side effect of vitamin B12 deficiency, and this is a good indicator that you are suffering and should look at up-ing your intake.

You forget how to do something: If you suddenly can’t remember how to spell your last name, or where to find your calculator even though you just used it 10 minutes ago, this could be a sign of deficiency as well. Memory loss is often a symptom that goes undiagnosed simply because people will attribute it to different things and they won’t key into the fact that it might be something serious.

Dizzy spells: These as well as black-outs are serious indicators that tell you that your vitamin B12 deficiency needs to be looked at and taken care of for your safety and protection. These are serious spells that could be dangerous if you work in a place where you are always moving around or other fast-paced up and down movements that will cause this symptom to pop up without any kind of warning.

Everything makes you cry: We all have those days where we just want to sob at everything, but if you are finding that you are anxious or stressed or depressed about every single thing that pops up in your life, that is an indicator that maybe there is something else that is going on, causing you to really struggle with your emotional responses. You need to remember that there is so much that can cause harm to you.

Trouble with your vision: If you are having a hard time getting your eyes to focus, or you keep feeling as though something is irritating your vision, this is another indicator. It means that your optic nerve may not be getting enough oxygen so, like other organs, it’s not working at its top proficiency.


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So, you’re reading all this, decide that even if it’s not a perfect fit, you want to make sure that you don’t have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Great, well here are some of the best foods to help you stay away from it.


Top Foods for Vitamin B12
Meat: Unless you’re a vegetarian, most people love to eat meat. If you feel that you are suffering from a deficiency, up your diet in red meat and beef liver, as these have great levels of vitamin B12.

Fish: Salmon, mackerel and sardines all have lots of vitamin B12 in them that will help you boost your overall levels pretty simply.

Cereal: You wouldn’t think it, but those fortified cereals that you see in the grocery stores are going to help you get your levels up. How is that for a great breakfast?

Soy: For vegetarians, this is a great way to get your levels up and you can use it in all sorts of recipes.

Dairy: Milk, cheese and yogurt all have high levels of vitamin B12 for you and your safety as well as your easy access.

While vitamin B12 deficiency may not be something that you would think about normally, we hope that this helped you understand it for all of the right reasons. After all, you need to remember how important it is to keep your health up, and these foods are going to help you make sure that those symptoms leave you be.